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Codependency and Addiction In Women

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Codependency And Addiction In Women

About Codependency and Addiction

Codependency is defined as a dysfunctional and one-sided relationship where one person is overly invested in the other’s life to such a degree that autonomy is lost. Women dealing with codependency and addiction often come to realize that control issues might be driving their unhealthy relationship. For other women, the compulsive desire to fix the relationship despite reciprocating help from the other person might be the earmark of codependency. Many women come to Coastline with histories of codependency and addiction that will require specialized therapy and counseling.

There are risk factors to codependency and addiction in women. Underlying issues can perpetuate women to seek out relationships where they feel needed, despite the personal costs. Women dealing with a history of domestic or sexual abuse, trauma during early years, or alcohol and drug addiction commonly look for partners that have similar issues themselves. It appears that women with intimacy disorders and previous sexual abuse are at a much higher risk of developing codependent relationships.

Coastline offers women codependency treatment for themselves, as well as their partner. Quite often, partners are left struggling with their codependency issues on their own. This can cause major problems for both when women’s inpatient rehab is completed and the transition to home life takes place. We understand how important it is for women to exit our women’s rehab in Huntington Beach with new skills and healthy self-esteem that equip them to handle outside pressures.

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Signs of Codependency and Addiction

Codependency and addiction are considered to be mental health issues that can have a debilitating effect on both parties. Women in codependent relationships develop very unhealthy habits that can feel impossible to leave behind. Rest assured, with proper behavioral therapy, healing from codependency is possible. Many women are not aware that a codependent relationship has contributed to their heroin addiction or alcoholism. When painful memories are not dealt with in a timely fashion, women can quickly begin to turn to drug addiction or other unhealthy ways of processing their pasts. Some clear symptoms of codependency and addiction in women are the following:

  • Loyalty to a partner that isn’t reciprocated
  • Measuring self-worth based on partners opinions
  • Avoidance of conflict with partner at all costs
  • Continued compromising to meet other’s needs
  • Feeling unloved or undeserving of other’s love
  • Inability to ask for own needs to be met by others
  • Hypercritical view of self
  • Inability to set appropriate, protective boundaries
  • Unwillingness to accept responsibility any mistakes
  • Inappropriate desire to be correct all the time
  • Outright lying to build self up
  • Disorganized personal commitment to others
  • Inability to weigh personal priorities well
  • Unforgiving of others mistakes or shortcomings
  • Unable to accept constructive criticism

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