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Women-Only Addiction Treatment Center In California

A great deal of research has been conducted that backs up the need for women’s drug rehab centers where only women are admitted and treated. Physically and emotionally, women are very different from men, and therefore experience heroin addiction, drug withdrawal symptoms, alcohol treatment and opiate detox in unique ways. The driving factors for addiction in women tend to be gender-specific as female biological and relational issues contribute to alcoholism and drug abuse. Our women’s drug rehab in Huntington Beach deals specifically with trauma and addiction and codependency and addiction.

There are certain risk factors that women’s inpatient rehab at Coastline can help clients address and find healing from. Because women are predisposed for specific social, family, and psychological disorders, the risk of substance abuse is greatly increased. Studies have shown that women who have experienced severely traumatic events are 70% more likely to develop addictions. This is a shocking statistic. PTSD or post traumatic stress disorder, is two times as prevalent in women, as women are intrinsically more sensitive and vulnerable to the damage that high stress situations can cause.

At Coastline Behavioral Health, we believe that women’s rehab should address issues specific to women, in a safe, nurturing environment designed to promote healing and peace. Women need to trust their counselors and therapists and feel secure before being able to begin addressing their addiction triggers and drug or alcohol addiction. Our staff is committed to pouring into each women in our program, allowing for open dialog and therapeutic relationships which promote long-term addiction recovery.

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Coastline’s women’s inpatient rehab center exists to come alongside individuals desiring true recovery from drugs and alcohol. We specialize in the mental health issues linked to addiction as well as the physical healing from addiction that must take place for women to begin to rebuild their lives. We provide 30-day, 60-day, and 90-day programs, as well as customized lengths for women needing longer inpatient rehab services.

Our women’s outpatient rehab can be an appropriate substance abuse treatment program for clients who have either completed an extended inpatient rehab program, or have mild substance abuse issues. Severe addictions such as oxycodone or heroin addiction will require women’s inpatient rehab as they are not typically manageable on an outpatient schedule. Women’s outpatient rehab programs at Coastline can be day programs, IOP or continuing care groups.

All solid drug detox programs in Orange County, CA begin with a comprehensive treatment plan.  This treatment plan will outline the women’s drug detox recovery process in a clear way. During drug detox at Coastline, our clients receive access to supervised withdrawal treatments in a safe and secure site. This first step towards sobriety is the most important for long-term recovery success. Our on-site women’s drug detox can be a catalyst for effective heroin addiction treatment and alcoholism treatment for our clients.

Group therapy for addiction is a specialized type of counseling that is commonly used in the treatment of psychological disorders that exist in drug and alcohol addiction.  Group therapy sessions at Coastline include therapists and small groups of women, allowing for a less intimidating peer support group. There are several important benefits to group therapy for addiction which include sharing and receiving feedback with other addicts, development of appropriate peer relationships, and boosting of self-esteem and confidence. For our inpatient women’s rehab clients and our outpatient drug rehab clients the group therapies offered to the women in our Huntington Beach rehab center are one of our most valuable program features.

Coastline Behavior Health offers participants in our women’s rehab programs access to exceptional drug and alcohol treatment therapies. For true recovery from alcoholism, meth addiction, heroin detox, or suboxone detox, getting to the root cause of the addiction is vital. Treating the symptoms of the disease will prove ineffective long term, and likely contribute to relapse. We believe that experiential therapy and group therapy, combined with dream interpretation, EMDR, and psychotherapy, can all help bring true healing for women seeking recovery. 

Our specialized experiential therapy program allows women in our rehab setting to participate in activities such as hiking, sand play, and yoga. We have found that when our clients are actively participating in an event such as hiking, the walls of communication often open up. This allows our clients to build deeper, more trusting relationships with their team therapist, which facilitates healing from addictions. Sand play and yoga are very soothing and relaxing activities which many women respond positively too. Our experiential therapy program has become the backbone of our recovery plans, as it is an invaluable tool when helping women overcome their prescription drug addictions.

Women’s sober living in Orange County is the continuation of addiction counseling that often requires on-site living. Sober living homes for women are facilities that enable clients to re-engage in their work, education, and family lives enjoyed before addiction. These locations require sobriety checks, curfews and daily chores, all of which are designed to keep recovering addicts on track and accountable. Participation in 12-Step programs and Intensive Outpatient Programs are also encouraged or required while residing in women’s sober living homes.

How to help a loved one

Should you suspect that your wife, mother, or girlfriend is struggling with some sort of substance abuse or addiction, taking a look at their patterns of behavior might clarify the need for intervention. It is important to note that women respond to confrontation differently then men, and are likely to be much more emotional. The need for reassurance of love and belonging will be greatly heightened, and will need to be addressed.

If you feel that your loved one is an immediate danger to themselves or others, the response should be quick. Coastline has counselors available all day and night, waiting to help you find the addiction support you need to get your loved one the help they need, when they need it. Check out our Addiction Signs and Symptoms page to find out how to recognize addictive behaviors.

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