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Coastline Behavior Health is dedicated to the recovery and continued care of women seeking freedom from substance abuse. Our women’s drug rehab program gives clients access to a experienced team of substance abuse specialists, allowing for specialized treatments. Every women seeking drug treatment deserves the highest level of care and concern as they work hard to rebuild healthy life skills and relationships that will serve them well outside rehab. Huntington Beach rehab for women focuses attention on the areas where true healing are found.

Gender differences should be addressed when choosing treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. Much like every client comes to us with a specific history with risk factors and environmental influences, every Coastline client should have access to gender-specific drug rehab. Women have very unique needs as the make their way through treatment plans, needs that men generally do not seek reassurance or help with. Women, for example, need to have the whole of their lives taken into context when mapping a treatment plan for suboxone detox, heroin rehab, and opiate drug treatment. This should include her current and past relationships with family and support systems, as well as any socio-economic factors that need addressing.

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Coastline women’s rehab program provides comprehensive emotional support for women struggling to deal with the aftermath of trauma. A history of sexual abuse or physical trauma has been shown to play a remarkable role in addiction rates among women. Our trained staff understands the link between trauma and it’s long-reaching effects on a women’s ability to maintain healthy relationships with alcohol and prescription drugs.

Recognizing codependency in relationships can be difficult. Our therapists are trained to recognize the symptoms of codependency as related to addiction treatment. Women struggling with codependency and addiction often require more specialized therapies for successful recovery from addiction. Women’s rehab programs such as ours help women with low self-esteem and boundary issues to free themselves of unhealthy emotional holds that preclude recovery.

Many women turn to alcohol as a way to unwind on a Saturday night, but when the drinking begins to becomes a part of everyday life, alcoholism may not be far behind. For many women seeking sobriety from alcohol addiction, the need for specialized alcohol rehab for women became evident. Coastline offers women’s alcohol detox in Huntington Beach for those seeking freedom from the shame and control of alcoholism.

Illicit substance abuse can quickly destroy lives and rob families of their mothers, daughters and wives. Illicit drug rehab for women connects clients with our highly trained staff, many of whom have dealt with heroin addiction or meth addiction themselves. Drawing from personal experience allows our counselors to reach other women and help them navigate recovery that brings lasting healing. For many women in our program, illicit drug addiction started with the first high, and brought life crashing down around them as the addiction took over every motivation and waking thought. Coastline’s women’s rehab program exists to break these chains of addiction.

For women diagnosed with substance abuse and mental health issues, treatment can seem daunting and overwhelming. At Coastline Behavioral Health, we help women focus their emotional and psychological energy on recovery while we develop individualized treatment plans to address each aspect of their dual diagnosis. Mental health issues in women must be addressed when dealing with addiction as the underlying reason for substance abuse can often be traced back to therapeutic drugs for mood disorders.

For women who struggle with depression or anxiety, the risk of developing an unhealthy connection with drugs or alcohol is greatly increased. Seeking freedom from feelings that cause doubt, pain, and uncertainly can push women with depression and addiction to seek solace in heroin, vicodin, or methamphetamines. When women with mental health issues seek help from our women’s inpatient rehab center in Orange County, our team of therapists and counselors surround them with the care and support they need. The first step to recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction is asking for help. Contact us today to find out more about our specialized women’s rehab near you.

Addiction in Women

There are various different factors that can contribute to a women’s initial experimentation with drugs or alcohol. The presence of stress and relationship issues are two of the most common risk factors found to precipitate substance abuse in women. Whether illicit drugs are introduced socially or sought out for comfort, women are more likely to develop addictions in shorter time periods then their male counterparts. Heroin addiction is on the rise in women throughout Orange County, CA. Volatile home lives that include chaotic, disruptive behaviors exhibited by other adults can directly impact a women’s dependence on alcohol or drugs as an escape.

Relationship Issues

Women are deeply impacted by the status of their relationships with others, much more so then men. Should there be abuse or substance abuse present in the relationship via a spouse or boyfriend, women are easily pulled into the abuse themselves, or develop codependency issues. Positive relationships and healthy marriages seem to be more protected against substance abuse issues. Women who are single, divorced or separated are shown to be at a much higher risk of developing an unhealthy dependence on suboxone or hillbilly heroin.

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