You realize that your addiction is becoming more and more difficult to handle. When do you know it’s time to go to rehabilitation in Orange County, though? Pay attention to these signs when deciding if you should seriously consider rehab.

People have asked you to stop using.

If the people who are closest to you and love you have asked you to stop drinking or using drugs, you may have a bigger problem than you even realize. The people who are close to you know you well, and they probably have a good reason for showing concern. It’s hard to see the changes that have taken place in your own life sometimes, but people on the outside may be able to recognize the differences more easily.

You’ve driven while intoxicated.

Maybe you’ve driven after a couple of drinks, but you thought you were fine to drive. Driving when you’re intoxicated in Orange County, even after just a couple of drinks, is always a big deal and a huge risk. Not only are you putting yourself in danger, but you’re putting whoever’s in your car and everyone else on the road in danger, too.

Your freedom is in danger of being taken away.

If you’re been drunk in public, became violent when under the influence, was charged with a DUI or was found with a controlled substance, you could be facing serious legal trouble in Orange County. If you’re currently on probation or parole, being under the influence is more than enough reason for you to be put back in jail. For many people, a month-long treatment program is a much better option than jail time.

Your doctor has told you that alcohol or drugs are impacting your health.

Drugs of any kind are harmful to the body, even if you haven’t been using them for years and years. Alcohol can damage the brain, heart and liver; drugs can give you brain damage and affect your respiratory system. If your doctor has told you that alcohol or drugs are having a negative impact on your health, it’s time to consider rehab in Orange County.

You’ve hurt yourself or someone else.

Some drugs, including alcohol, can make the symptoms of depression worse, leading you to hurt yourself or act irrationally. If you feel hopeless or suicidal, it’s highly important that you get help as soon as you possibly can. It is possible to feel better, get out of this damaging cycle, and live a healthy life again.

Withdrawal symptoms set in after you stop using.

If you get withdrawal symptoms a few hours after last drinking or using drugs, that means they’re affecting your body in a very serious way. Withdrawal symptoms include headache, cramps, nausea, insomnia, irritability and paranoia. Withdrawal is a sign that your body needs – or thinks it needs – the alcohol or drugs in order to function.

Remember, you don’t need to be addicted to a substance physically in order to need or benefit from rehab. If alcohol or drugs are negatively affecting your life, it may be time to check into a rehab program and get your health and life back on track.

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