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Doctors have only recently started addressing co-occurring disorders. Before the 20th century passed, people used to get separate mental health disorders and substance abuse problems. 

Sadly, there are many people with co-occurring disorders or dual diagnoses. A 2019 study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) shows not almost 10 million American adults within the age bracket of 18 to 25 have received a dual diagnosis. However, only about 800,000 people, which is like 8% percent, get dual diagnosis treatment. These stats do not include other age brackets, for example, 12 years to 17 years or people outside the study. 

Some of the groups outside the study include people unaware they have a co-occurring disorder, homeless individuals, and more. It would be best to get dual diagnosis treatment as soon as possible to avoid the combined effects of the co-occurring disorders. In Newport Beach, you can get comprehensive and personalized dual diagnosis treatment from Coastline Behavioral Health. Personalized and comprehensive care helps to address your individual recovery needs for effective treatment and long-term recovery.


What Is Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment entails the approaches medical professionals take true address co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. In most cases, co-occurring disorders start when people start using alcohol and drugs as coping mechanisms for mental health issues. There is a need for dual diagnosis treatment because prolapse is highly likely when treatment addresses only one issue. 

Dual diagnosis treatment is a collaborative approach. It involves the patient, the family members, physicians, therapist, and community support for effective treatment and recovery. Dual diagnosis treatment also features a holistic program. It offers spiritual, medical, social, and psychological intervention to address underlying conditions for the co-occurring disorders.

Common Co-Occurring Disorders in Dual Diagnosis Treatment

There are various mixes for mental health issues and substance use disorders to create numerous co-occurring disorders. However, some co-occurring disorders are more common than others. Examples include:


A co-occurring disorder can be a mix of any mental health issues and any substance use disorder. Other common mental health conditions include:


What Causes Co-Occurring Disorders?

Co-occurring disorders have elements that contribute to their development. There is no known specific cause of co-occurring disorders. Research shows that there are at least three contributing factors which include:


Features of Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Newport Beach

Coastline Behavioral Health offers dual diagnosis treatment in Newport Beach, Orange County, California. There is no universal dual diagnosis treatment for patients. Therefore, we have to customize the antidote to the individual’s needs. The treatment must adjust to the intensity of your symptoms. Moreover, it has to consider other needs like your medical history, privacy needs, cost, and more. There are still common features of dual diagnosis treatment. They include:


Dual diagnosis treatment in Newport Beach should check for a co-occurring disorder when you go for substance abuse treatment or mental health treatment. The diagnosis will help to tailor a more effective treatment.

Residential treatment

Residential treatment is necessary for dual diagnosis treatment because you will be under 24/7 care. It is especially helpful when coping with drug detox. 

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Some patients are not able to commit themselves to residential treatment for various reasons. Intensive outpatient treatment offers dual diagnosis treatments as you go on with your life.


Medication-assisted programs may be necessary to minimize the intensity of substance withdrawal symptoms. An example is opioid withdrawal medication. Medication is also necessary to alleviate mental health symptoms such as agitation, delusion, mood swings, and more.


Counseling helps to educate you about your co-occurring disorders. Patients learn a lot more, including how to avoid relapse, what to do if you relapse, and more.

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive therapy helps you to recognize various situations that tempt or trigger either of the co-occurring disorders. Behavioral therapy teaches patients how to handle such situations.

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy is a holistic approach that seeks to help patients heal in the body in mind. A good example of holistic treatment is yoga.

Sober Living 

Sober living helps patients to transition back to their lives after inpatient treatment. You will have to follow the rules of the sober living house of homes like no drug policy and curfew.

Continued Care

Mental Health and addiction issues have a potential for relapse. Continued care and support from family and support groups like 12-step groups are necessary to avoid relapse.

Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment in Newport Beach?

Coastline Behavioral Health offers addiction and mental health treatment in Orange County, California. We will check for an underlying issue as we give you a diagnosis during admission as an inpatient or outpatient. Coastline Behavioral will create a treatment plan based on your treatment and other needs. We aim to help our patients to gain long-term recovery and also offer ongoing support. Call us at (714)841-2260 for treatment or any queries.

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