Demerol Withdrawal

About Demerol Withdrawal 

Demerol is a very powerful painkiller that is used to treat moderate to severe pain following injury or surgery. Like many painkillers prescribed to patients, Demerol is addictive and tolerance for the drug can develop quickly. This often results in the patient increasing their doses in order to gain the desired effects. Unfortunately, this will lead to physical dependence on the drug, changing the brain’s response to Demerol. The individual will begin to notice that they are unable to engage life without repeated use. The symptoms of Demerol withdrawal will begin to become an increasing issue for individuals, and often pushes them to seek more and more of the drug.


Many individuals prescribed Demerol find themselves in this situation, often unintentionally. For these clients, the need to hide their Demerol withdrawal symptoms becomes as important as finding more of the drug to sustain their drug abuse. It is not uncommon for individuals to doctor shop to obtain new prescriptions, or take someone else’s prescription without them knowing. When they are not able to obtain the drugs through either of these two ways, individuals will often resort to buying Demerol on the street.

About Demerol 

Demerol is available in both tablet, liquid and suspension formulations, and are only available legally from a medical professional. Demerol tablets are usually prescribed in 50 mg or 100 mg strengths. When liquid Demerol is prescribed, it is often only within the confines of a medical institution as it is very easy to overdose when using recreationally. Demerol in syrup form is often prescribed for younger patients and comes in smaller dosing.

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About Demerol Addiction

Demerol works by altering the brain’s response to pain messages, resulting in feelings of emotional freedom and physical pleasure. Depending on the amount ingested or injected, the brain’s response can be quite obvious to those around them. When used beyond the scope of the prescription, Demerol lowers stress levels and slows most central nervous system functions. This includes blood pressure, heart rate, and respiration rates. Meperidine is another name that Demerol is prescribed under and is also a Schedule 11 controlled substance.


Those abusing Demerol often resort to injecting and snorting the drug as the “high” experienced is fast and powerful. This misuse of Demerol often leads to Demerol addiction in a relatively short amount of time. For individuals that find themselves dependent or addicted to Demerol, our rehab center in Huntington Beach provides drug detox programs for people living with uncontrolled Demerol addiction.

Demerol Withdrawal Symptoms

Hours after the last dose, Demerol withdrawal symptoms will begin to appear. These withdrawal symptoms are not the same for every individual going through detox. It is important to note that Demerol withdrawal is usually not life-threatening, compared to other opiate drugs such as heroin and fentanyl. Relapse while experiencing the early symptoms of Demerol withdrawal is quite common, and individuals needing help to stop using should seek professional inpatient drug rehab in Orange County. Below are some of the more common Demerol withdrawal symptoms clients might experience:

  • Fever or sweating
  • Tremors and restlessness
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Diarrhea and stomach pain
  • Body aches
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Runny nose
  • Anxiety and Paranoia
  • Hallucinations in extreme cases

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