Darvocet Withdrawal

About Darvocet Withdrawal 

Darvocet is a prescription pain medication used to treat mild-to-moderate pain in patients with chronic pain issues. Darvocet has acetaminophen combined with a strong opioid medicine and is classified as a narcotic pain reliever. Darvocet can be very addictive and its distribution is controlled on a federal level. This drug works to block pain reception by altering the brain chemistry in an individual.


Darvocet is no longer prescribed in the United States as it’s dangerous side effects and drug interactions made it less desirable. Darvocet is still found on the streets for sale and the number of drug addicts using Darvocet and other opiate drugs in on the rise nationwide. Darvocet withdrawal can be very difficult to navigate without professional medical supervision and access to medications for detox.


Darvocet sold on the streets are often called “Yellow Footballs”, “Dillies”, and “D”. One attraction to Darvocet is that it can be taken orally, crushed, injected, or snorted, creating a drug high that is attractive to those abusing opiate pain medications. When Darvocet is used recreationally, the risk of Darvocet addiction is quite high. The chemical makeup of this drug makes it an attractive drug of choice. Some of the side effects that Darvocet addicts might experience can be disruptive to normal functions and debilitating. For those going through painful Darvocet withdrawal, we offer treatment in our Huntington Beach treatment center.

About Darvocet Addiction

There is more than one factor that directly contributes to an individual’s addiction to Darvocet. The first factor is the biological component. Over the years, researchers have found that there is a genetic aspect that can cause certain individuals to seek escape or relief by using drugs on a regular basis. These same researchers have also found that genetics play a part in Darvocet addiction in people with a physical illness that pushes them to self-medication.


Another component to an individual’s risk of developing Darvocet addiction are the psychological factors. When individuals have experienced trauma, neglect, depression, and anxiety, their ability to deal with the deep emotional responses can be self-destructive. Turning to Darvocet to relief from the pain of caused by emotional issues is quite common.


The third component of Darvocet addiction involves the social and environmental factors of each individual. Some common social factors that can drive opiate addiction can be dysfunctional family relationships and peer pressure in teenagers. Some of the environmental factors are homelessness, poverty, and displacement.

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Darvocet Withdrawal Treatment

When individuals turn to Coastline Behavioral Health for Darvocet withdrawal treatment, they will be given a full health evaluation to assess their specific medical and physical needs. Quality rehab centers in Huntington Beach have fulltime medical professionals to help monitor each client, ensuring that their Darvocet withdrawal symptoms are addressed appropriately. Some clients are able to undergo drug detox without the help of medications, but many depend on medicinal support while their bodies purge themselves of all drug toxins.


Addiction to Darvocet is confirmed when ceasing the drug, the body goes into Darvocet withdrawal. These withdrawal symptoms can be quite severe and uncomfortable. Over time, the body has become dependent on Darvocet to function, and when the drug is taken away, the individual will commonly experience the following symptoms:

  • Muscle Aches
  • Bone Pain
  • Sweating
  • Shaking
  • Intense drug cravings
  • Paranoia
  • Exhaustion
  • Nausea
  • Diarrhea
  • Anxiety
  • Restless legs

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