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Mind and Body Treatments

The Importance of Mind and Body Treatments

When you think of drug and alcohol treatment, you instantly think of traditional methods of treatment such as detoxification and treating physical symptoms associated with addiction. Before an individual can reach sobriety, they must go through the detoxification process. The physical symptoms must also be addressed to ensure the addict doesn’t turn back to substance abuse. However, another vital aspect of treatment is treating the mind.

There are many factors that play into an addiction. The roots of addiction often begin with stress, low self-esteem, mental illness and a myriad of other issues. Mind and body treatments address these issues and teach the addict how to cope so that they may avoid turning to substances. Because drug and alcohol abuse can have negative effects on brain chemistry, it is essential to retrain the mind to think beyond the next drink or the next high. Long-term addicts struggle with memory loss, cognition, and difficulty making decisions. By utilizing mind and body treatments, such as yoga, meditation, and acupuncture, it’s possible for addicts to gain control over their mind and take responsibility for their actions.

Yoga and Its Benefits


Because many addicts turn to substance abuse as a way of coping with unpleasant situations, it is necessary that they learn healthier ways of coping. Yoga is an excellent complement to conventional treatment methods. By practicing yoga, an addict will realize the following benefits:


  • Healing of the mind by inhibiting cravings and the dopamine release addicts get when they use
  • Reduction of stress which lessens the chance that a trigger will cause a return to substance abuse
  • Belonging to a spiritual community that emphasizes mindfulness and acceptance to cultivate a healthy spirit

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Meditation and Its Benefits


Addiction is so common that most people are addicted to something. An addiction doesn’t necessarily have to involve a harmful substance. Some people are addicted to coffee, tea, soft drinks, food and various other addictions. Used in moderation, these substances aren’t exactly harmful. But, as with anything in life, too much of something isn’t good. For individuals who need drug and alcohol treatment, meditation can play an important role in treatment. Meditation has the following benefits:


  • Meditation can help your brain find a happy place and give you a natural high. You don’t need alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or other harmful substances to achieve that high.
  • Meditation promotes mindfulness of your thoughts and emotions which promotes self-acceptance.
  • Meditation reduces stress which can be a trigger for substance abuse.
  • Coping skills are enhanced through meditation. The practice makes it easier for a person to bounce back from a particularly difficult, stressful or unpleasant situation that may have previously been a trigger for abusing substances

Acupuncture and Its Benefits


Because acupuncture is both safe and cost-effective, it can be used for anyone with an addiction. When used in conjunction with conventional treatment methods, such as individual and group therapy and support groups, it can be an effective tool in combating drug addiction. Its many benefits include:


  • Increases the likelihood you’ll complete treatment
  • Minimizes withdrawal symptoms
  • Eases pain
  • Helps regulate emotions and sleep
  • Helps reduce stress and anxiety


No matter what addiction you are dealing with, mind and body treatments are a great complement to traditional treatments to combat addiction.

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