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The Coastline IOP Program Orange County, also known as an Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program, is different from inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab. It gives individuals needing addiction treatment the ability to live at home, or at sober living facilities while undergoing drug and alcohol rehab services. Some clients begin their drug rehabilitation with an Intensive Outpatient Program, but most transition into IOP rehab following their inpatient drug rehab stay. Choosing to continue recovery in an Orange County intensive outpatient program gives recovering addicts the space to build more control over their triggers and may work to decrease the risk of drug relapse.


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Intensive Outpatient Programs offer clients struggling with substance abuse the same treatment options available to inpatient drug rehab clients. Many believe that IOP rehabs are for people with more control over their drug or alcohol addictions. In actuality, patients who are participating in an intensive outpatient program are often just further along in the addiction treatment process that others. Intensive Outpatient Program lengths can vary depending on the type of drug abused and the history of relapse. Most programs are between 12-16 weeks in length and require clients to commit to being on site 3-5 days each week. Our Luxury Rehab and Executive Rehab programs may be suitable alternatives depending on your personal situation.


Considering Intensive Outpatient Rehab

Individuals considering an intensive outpatient program in Orange County should consider carefully whether they are equipped to handle this type of drug treatment. It is advised that clients have a strong support system in place, and a stable home life to go home to each evening. Individuals with extensive drug addiction histories who are not physically or emotionally fit are advised to consider inpatient drug rehab programs. IOP programs works best for people who are considered to be at a lower risk of relapse when away from their treatment center each evening, and should be able to engage appropriately and constructively in group therapy settings.

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Common Services Offered in IOP Programs


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Group Counseling

An IOP Rehab usually focuses a substantial amount of client time in group therapy. These group therapy sessions encourage sobriety, build communication skills, encourage life structure, and provide peer feedback. Different group meetings will focus on specific aspects of the addiction recovery process. Some common types of group meetings are addiction education, stress management, relapse interventions, and development of coping skills. Each group therapy meeting for heroin addiction promises the support and encouragement clients crave and need when going through the drug rehab process.

Family Therapy

Many times clients come to drug addiction rehab with family issues such as codependency. When codependency exists with drug addiction such as opiate addiction, the unhealthy relationships must be dealt with. Fractured relationships between the drug addict and their family are mended when the hurt and destruction of the addiction is allowed to be discussed with the help of a therapist. For many addicts, the shame and grief over lost relationships is a very heavy burden, and family therapy allows for healing that might otherwise not come.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions allow clients to meet with their therapist one-on-one in a private setting. These therapy sessions are designed to allow the individual to talk openly about their recovery process and gives opportunities for problem areas to be addressed. Many times clients have doubts and fears about the progress they are making and have questions or need support that helps build their confidence. During IOP Rehab, individual therapy sessions are usually only scheduled when the need arises. 

Medication Management

When detox treatment requires the addition of medications, clients are often prescribed drugs that are effective in decreasing drug cravings from heroin addiction, or preventing addictive substances from producing a desired high. Whether the medicines are to promote sobriety or limit drug withdrawal symptoms, certain prescriptions can help struggling clients to gain control over their drug addiction. When an individual feels they have control, stress and anxiety drops, which can limit the psychological hold the drug addiction might have caused.

Matrix Model

The Matrix Model is a specific style of drug treatment that was developed to help addiction recovery from stimulants such as methamphetamine or cocaine. The program has roots in other drug treatments such as cognitive behavioral therapy, and requires clients to commit to a 16 week plan. This type of treatment model focuses on helping individuals learn about the specific triggers for their drug addiction and also teaches relapse prevention skills. Each IOP Rehab client will need to build a strong relationship with their therapist. The Matrix Model for meth addiction has been shown to provide individuals with higher long-term sobriety rates. Contact Coastline Behavioral Health today to get the help you need! 

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