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Did you know that anxiety attacks affect 18.1% of adults in the United States alone? But the real figure is over 30% as per the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) because many people are misdiagnosed, don’t seek medical help or don’t know they suffer from anxiety. Today, people take medications for just about everything. Anxiety first appears as physical symptoms in the body and people tend to see a medical doctor instead of a therapist. Medications may not be the best method of treating anxiety in the long run. The adverse side effects of prolonged use of medications may not be worth the effort. Here is how to manage anxiety without medications.

Most healthcare providers prescribe medications for anxiety because of the temporary relief it provides. The patient may feel a temporary relief since the medicines numb the symptoms of the condition for a short time. But it’s not the best long-term cure for anxiety. There is a huge difference between curing anxiety and managing the condition. Unfortunately, there isn’t a permanent cure for anxiety. The condition is similar to most chronic illnesses – there isn’t a permanent cure – only a way to manage the symptoms of anxiety.

Managing anxiety is something you work towards continuously. Similar to eating the right food and exercising consistently to lose weight, you should commit to a long-term plan to manage anxiety effectively. There are many techniques to integrate into your daily life to manage anxiety properly. These techniques will let you manage the condition without medical intervention. Below are 3 ways in which you can effectively manage anxiety without taking drugs such Ativan as which of course can lead to dependence.


1. Exercise

The latest research reveals a link between exercise and anxiety management. Those who aren’t active or exercising regularly are more prone to anxiety attacks than those who exercise. Exercises help manage anxiety by releasing neurotransmitters which are mood enhancers. It also burns stress hormones that can trigger anxiety and tires muscles to prevent anxiety symptoms in the body. Exercise is one of the best ways to manage anxiety naturally. It also comes with many other health benefits. Regular exercise is the best way to improve your mental health and prevent anxiety attacks in the long run.


2. Desensitization Therapy

Self-exposure or desensitization is another effective method of managing anxiety. This technique is complicated if you are doing it for the first time. It is best practiced under the guidance of a professional if you feel you aren’t brave enough to try the technique on your own. Self-exposure works on the concept that the human brain doesn’t find something frightening once it is exposed to a particular event for some time. The method involves several steps you can practice on your own.

For example, if you have a fear of spiders:

a) Force yourself to think about spiders for some time. Continuous thinking about spiders will induce stress. But you shouldn’t fight it. Think about spiders even when you are already stressed. Do this for two days in a row until thinking about spiders doesn’t cause stress anymore.

b) Get an image of a spider. Keep looking at the image until looking at spiders no longer induce stress.

c) Get someone to catch a spider and put it in an enclosed jar and place it in front of you where you can keep on looking at it until there isn’t any stress in your body. You can have a friend with you at the beginning of this exercise.

d) The final step is to let the spider roam outside of its encasement and keep on looking at it. Most people get over their fear of spiders by doing this simple exercise.


3. Take Vitamins And Magnesium Supplements Daily

The latest studies show that people become prone to anxiety attacks when they are malnourished. People with anxiety lack magnesium in their body more than any other nutrient. Processed foods eliminate magnesium because of the way they are processed. The nutrient becomes further depleted because of stress and hyperventilation conditions. A magnesium and vitamin supplement can help replenish the nutrient in your body. It is best to talk to your doctor before taking any vitamin supplement to make sure you are getting the proper nutrition your body needs.

People take medications for just about everything today. Medications may numb the symptoms of anxiety for some time but don’t help in curing it. Anxiety is like a chronic illness that cannot be cured but managed. The above techniques will let you manage anxiety effectively without medications.



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