Helping An Employee

Risky Business

We have all heard the troubling statistics and have read some horrific new stories about workplace injuries and accidents involving employees under the influence of drugs and alcohol. There are also other day-to-day ‘business risks’ of costs associated with increased absenteeism, conflicts with coworkers and supervisors, decreased productivity, and even morale issues among other employees. Whether your company is a large corporation with a formal Employee Assistance Program (EAP), or you have a few employees in a smaller organization, Coastline Behavioral Health is here to help with education and resources for your employees.

Addiction Can Affect Anyone

Employees of all ages, social-economic and education levels can all be at risk of substance abuse. Overuse of any substance should never be ignored as treatment is often the only life-saving intervention available for those under addiction’s powerful hold. Providing resources (pamphlets and educational materials) to employees can be a critical and a much needed step in an employee getting help. The following are just a few signs that an employee may need help with drug and alcohol addiction.

Absenteeism and Tardiness

Missed Deadlines and Appointments

Decreased Work Performance

Agitation with Coworkers

Changes in Appearance

Forgetfulness or Confusion

Unfocused Behavior and Excuses

Visible Signs of Intoxication

Offering Help For Employees

If you notice any signs of of alcohol or drug abuse in your workplace, there are steps you can take to offer supportive help. Although treatment is a sensitive and difficult subject to broach, it is important to remember that alcoholism and drug addiction does not discriminate – it can affect upper management and executives, high-functioning employees and even employees that are dangerously teetering between substance abuse and addiction. Coastline offers all levels of care – from partial hospitalization, inpatient program to an outpatient program that will allow employees to continue working. Help support employees in turning their life around and getting help for their addiction.

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