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Drugs and DUI in Huntington Beach

Drug and Alcohol Addiction

More than 100 people lose their life to drugs in Huntington Beach each year. More than 1,100 are arrested and charged with drug-related crimes and hundreds of others battle addictions that has turned their life upside down. Aside from a growing drug problem, Huntington Beach is seeing an increased number of arrests for DUI. With amazing bars like Hurricanes and 25 Degrees, law enforcement officials say they’re not surprised by the number of people who risk getting behind the wheel of their automobiles after a night out on the town. Huntington Beach is a party town and a damn good one. But, there must be a limit to the fun and you must understand when it’s time to call it quits when it’s time to call My OC Taxi for a ride, and that being in possession of drugs or getting behind the wheel when you’re intoxicated may very well land you behind bars.

If you’re arrested and charged with DUI or a drug-related crime in Huntington Beach, remain silent when questioned by law enforcement. Anything that you can say can and will be used against you in a court of law, as your Miranda rights begin to tell you, and words that you speak can lead you into a downward spiral when it’s time for your day in court. Make sure that you phone an attorney to represent you in court after such a charge. Going to court for a drug-related or DUI case is never a good idea. A first-time DUI charge can result in jail time and driver’s license suspensions, while subsequent charges can lead you to a road to prison. If you’re charged with a drug crime, it is very well possible to receive 25+ years in prison, depending on the type of drug, the quantity of that drug, and the actual crime that you’re charged with committing.

Attorney Fred Thiagarajah at Right Choice Law is a criminal attorney that has represented many people in the city. He’s a former District Attorney who isn’t afraid to aggressively fight for his client’s rights and freedoms. Right Choice Law specializes in drug cases and DUI. Christopher J. McCann Law Offices also handle DUI and drug crime cases for a client in Huntington Beach and Orange County. Mr. McCann has a proven record of winning cases for his clients and always puts minds at ease when there is so much on the line.

Of course, it is best to avoid a potential arrest altogether and avoid driving a vehicle if you’ve consumed any alcohol or taken illegal drugs, including marijuana. Although marijuana is legal in California, it is not federally illegal and driving after using the substance can very well land you behind bars. When you’re intoxicated and get behind the wheel of a powerful automobile, everyone’s life is in danger, including other people driving, pedestrians out for a walk, and even people shopping in the supermarket. Animals are at-risk and your own safety and well-being are at risk when you drive a vehicle while intoxicated.

If drugs or alcohol seem stronger than you and letting them go just isn’t ideal, consider admitting yourself in a local rehab. Rehab offers the tools to help anyone who’s battling an addiction overcome the underlying causes and learn coping mechanisms that allow them the freedom to enjoy life without drug use. Drugs and alcohol contain those ‘feel good’ ingredients that excite the endorphins in your brain. They have a strong hold over the mind and for many people, what they thought would be ‘one-time for fun’ has turned into an addiction they’re unable to control. Drugs and alcohol can destroy lives, families, and otherwise amazing people, but rehabilitation offers hope and help for a beautiful, bright future.

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