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Addiction Treatment Services In O.C.

Types Of Addiction Treatment For Men Offered By Coastline Behavioral Health

Coastline Behavior Health’s mission is to provide recovery and continued care for men seeking to break free from the bondage of substance abuse. Our men’s addiction treatment programs give each individual access to a professional team of drug and alcohol addiction specialists, opening doors for specialized therapies and treatments. Every client seeking addiction recovery in our treatment centers deserve high-level of care as they walk through the steps needed to start rebuilding their lives. The development of healthy relationships is key when working through continued recovery outside treatment. 

We understand that differences in gender must be recognized when developing programs used for the treatment of drug or alcohol addiction. Each individual comes with their own unique addiction story, and addressing the difference in risk factors as well as any environmental issues is important. Our drug addiction treatment programs take into account the type of drug with which you’re struggling and we develop a plan of treatment that is tailored to your unique needs and individual situation.

Addiction Problems and Mental Health Issues We Treat:

  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Drug Addiction
  • Prescription Drug Addiction
  • Codependency and Addiction
  • Dual Diagnosis and Addiction
  • Trauma/PSTD and Addiction

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Alcohol Addiction

Alcohol addiction treatment is available for those struggling with alcoholism. Although alcohol is legal, this does not mean it is safe. Young people who regularly drink alcohol are subjected to risks since their brains are still developing. Long-term heavy use of alcohol causes permanent and extensive changes in the brain that can even be fatal. Discontinuing the use of alcohol can be difficult, but it can be achieved with effective alcohol addiction treatment. We provide education, screening, treatment and medical supervision for those participating in our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs.

Drug Addiction

Many individuals seek drug addiction treatment because they have become addicted to opiates. These can include prescription drugs, such as powerful pain medications. Other individuals need help with illicit drug addiction, such as an addiction to heroin. Our approach to treatment involves detoxification in a safe and closely monitored environment, behavioral therapies and pharmacological interventions to ease withdrawal symptoms to lessen the chance of relapse.

Codependency and Addiction

Those who are suffering from drug addiction or alcohol addiction often have loved ones who are also enablers. They may try to take care of the addict and derive self-worth from their relationship with the addict. This is referred to as codependency. Codependency and addiction go hand in hand. The addict relies heavily on their enabler and the enabler, by worrying more about the needs of the addict, becomes involved in an unhealthy relationship with the addict. This is the vicious cycle known as codependency. Although codependency is not a psychiatric disorder, it can be extremely destructive to relationships and hinder recovery. Sometimes, it is not just the addict who needs help. We can provide help and group therapy for those who are suffering from the destructive cycle of a codependent relationship.

Dual Diagnosis and Addiction

Many individuals who are suffering from drug addiction are also afflicted with a mental disorder. When an individual is diagnosed with drug addiction as well as a mental disorder, this is referred to as a dual diagnosis. Mental health disorders are commonly seen in individuals who have a problem with addiction. Some of the most common mental disorders seen with drug addiction are:

  • Personality Disorders
  • Moderate to Severe Depression
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Schizophrenia
  • Mood Disorders

In many situations, the mental disorder is the first to appear in an individual. As time goes on and symptoms of the mental disorder become more difficult to deal with, the individual may attempt to self-medicate by using different drugs. In other cases, drug abuse leads to the mental disorder. Prolonged periods of drug and alcohol addiction changes the brain’s chemistry which can lead to mental issues. No matter which issue developed initially, both the addiction and mental disorder need to be treated simultaneously. Our treatment programs will treat both conditions so that you will have a successful outcome and lessen the chance of relapse.

When Treatment Is Needed

If your life is spinning out of control due to drug or alcohol addiction, you must seek help. Those with an addiction will often have financial problems, problems at school or work and troubled relationships. In spite of this, most individuals cannot kick the habit on their own. Those who try have a high rate of relapse. Additionally, depending on the level of the addiction, withdrawal symptoms can be quite unpleasant and range from mild to severe. Our drug addiction treatment program will allow you to experience withdrawal symptoms in a closely monitored setting to ensure your comfort and safety.

Treatment Options

Depending on your level of addiction and how long you’ve been abusing drugs, you can opt for either inpatient or outpatient treatment. If you are heavily addicted, have been using for a long time or don’t have a lot of support at home, then inpatient treatment is probably the best option for you. However, if your addiction is less severe and you do have a good support system at home, then you could participate in an outpatient treatment program. You would receive treatment during the day, much the same as those who are in an inpatient program. But, you would be allowed to return home and spend the night in your home where you’re most comfortable.

No matter which treatment option you choose, you can have a successful outcome. We will provide you with the resources to ensure you stay on the road to recovery and avoid relapse. Once you complete our drug addiction treatment program, we provide you with resources, such as individual and group therapy and support groups, to ensure you are able to maintain your recovery. Once you leave our treatment program, avoiding relapse is going to be your number one priority. By taking advantage of all the help after treatment, we are confident you will stay on the path to recovery.

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