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Men and women struggling with heroin addiction are often not able to overcome their drug addiction without inpatient drug rehab. For those who attempt to go through heroin withdrawal symptoms on their own, the results are usually not positive. Heroin is a very powerful and addictive drug that can be very difficult to detox from, even with professional help. Heroin addiction rates have exploded over the past decades, and the need for inpatient heroin rehab centers in Huntington Beach experiences with heroin treatment specialists.

Heroin is an opiate drug derived from a poppy plant grown in different areas of the world. Heroin addiction often starts with the first exposure to the drug as it’s potency and fast high contribute directly to drug dependency. Heroin is sold on the street under different names such as black tar, black pearl, smack, dope and china white. Individuals can take heroin different ways such as injection, inhalation and snorting. Heroin causes euphoric sensations and pain relief, which is why so many opiate addicts turn to heroin when they have trouble getting more pills.

Help For Heroin Addiction

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Heroin addiction treatment

The reality is that heroin addiction has become an epidemic in America. The stigma associated with drug addiction and specifically heroin addiction keeps many from seeking the addiction recovery help they need. Many only seek help after their lives have become so fragmented that they have lost their families, income and homes and have nowhere else to turn for heroin treatment help. The risk for fatal overdose is a reality every time the user gets high by shooting up or snorting heroin. And the risk for overdose is even higher in those who have gone through heroin detox.

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How Long Is Heroin Treatment?

When clients enter inpatient heroin treatment a medical professional will help evaluate their specific drug rehab needs. For most seeking heroin treatment the average length of stay is 28 days to 6 months. The reality is that with heroin treatment for addiction, individuals often are encouraged to remain in treatment for months. The nature of heroin addiction makes it very difficult to gain control over, and the risks of relapse are higher in individuals who choose shorter lengths of stay.

Many clients seeking heroin treatment in Huntington Beach have other health issues that will need addressing once enrolled in a program. For some, sharing needles and other high-risk behaviors has cause illnesses and disease. Depending on the type of illness, specific medicines and accompanying treatments might be necessary.

Short-Term Inpatient Heroin Treatment


These programs usually last between 28 days and 3 months. Clients remain on an inpatient basis the entire time while receiving experiential therapy, group therapy and individual therapy. These clients will usually be first time inpatient rehab clients, and have sought treatment fairly early into their heroin addiction journey. Individuals who are not struggling with dual diagnosis or extensive heroin use are often better candidates for short term heroin treatment programs.


Long-Term Heroin Treatment


For individuals who need longer treatment programs for heroin addiction many Huntington Beach rehab centers offer long-term heroin treatment lasting 3 months or more. Most of these clients choose to stay within the safety of inpatient rehab centers while receiving their therapies. These longer term heroin treatment programs allow recovering addicts to deal with their addiction triggers and rebuild their lives. This length of stay is usually recommended for individuals who have relapsed or are long-term heroin addicts.


Outpatient Heroin Treatment


Once an individual has successfully completed their inpatient rehab program, they will often transition to outpatient treatment for 4 months up to 1 year or longer. Many quality inpatient drug rehab programs urge clients to make the transition to home slowly, and in a controlled manner, avoiding possible missteps and further drug use. Heroin addiction treatment isn’t just about detox and inpatient care, it involves developing lifelong habits that make sobriety possible.

What Is Heroin Treatment Like?


Before inpatient heroin treatment can begin, drug detox and heroin withdrawal symptoms must be addressed and managed in a professional drug detox facility. Depending on the level of heroin addiction the drug detoxification process can be more difficult for some. Following heroin detox, clients will transition into inpatient heroin rehab for the suggested program length. Once in rehab programs for addiction clients will begin the process of addressing the underlying triggers and lifestyle risks that helped contribute to their addiction in the first place.

Group therapy is often a core aspect of heroin treatment programs as this type of therapy allows clients to engage with others dealing with similar issues. For many heroin addicts, the isolation from healthy relationships created a void of positive life choices and advice. Drug addicts tend to seek solace with other addicts or enabling loved ones who will not challenge their habits. Group therapy for addiction opens the doors of communication and brings healing through sharing and peer feedback.

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