Women’s Experiential Therapies for Addiction

About Women’s Experiential Therapy

Experiential therapy gives women struggling with drug addictions and alcoholism a way to better understand their emotional and behavioral responses when engaging in positive, engaging activities. Women undergoing drug addiction treatment often are not in tune with the behaviors or attitudes that that may have subconsciously perpetuated addiction to illicit drugs and alcohol. Experiential therapy for addiction can expose hidden areas of pain or trauma that cannot be verbalized as they have been suppressed. Women often hide sexual trauma and domestic violence as they feel shame and embarrassment. Drawing out these memories allows for true healing that would otherwise be unattainable.

Coastline’s experiential therapy for addiction is not one type of therapy, but a compilation of therapy types that allow women in drug rehab to find out more about themselves. There are many benefits to experiential therapy for addiction that help set it apart from other traditional methods of drug treatment. One of the greatest benefits we have seen in our clients who have chosen to fully engage in our interactive drug treatment program is completion of treatment. Helping women find the motivation to stay in their drug treatment program for the recommended length can be difficult as the desire to return to ‘real life’ can be very strong. When women commit to experiential therapy for addiction the overall length of stay and completion rates are much higher.

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Types of Experiential Therapies

There are many types of experiential therapy for addiction offered to our clients in our drug treatment center in Huntington Beach, CA. Because we are surrounded by the majesty of the Pacific ocean, and the beauty of the Saddleback Mountains, we can offer our opiate detox clients access to experiential therapy activities not available to others.

Experiential Therapy for addiction gives women a sense of control that was lost when their loves were given over completely to their addictions. The confidence needed to face the hurdles of alcohol treatment and opiate rehab is often lacking when women first begin drug treatment at Coastline. For women to develop life skills that lead to self-sufficiency, verbalizing hidden feelings and emotions that led to addiction must be worked through.


Coastline offers women hiking outings both at the beach and in the mountain trails nearby. This type of adventure therapy provides opportunities for women to rebuild communication skills and problem solving skills, all while enjoying everything nature has to offer. Considered a type of psychotherapy, adventure therapy invites open dialogue while encouraging women to work through perceived risks, giving them the opportunity to tap into their own feelings regarding the experience.


Coastline takes the position that drug addiction treatment is holistic, meaning that it should address the body as a whole. Yoga is considered a form of natural medicine in other parts of the world, as it promotes physical awareness and concentration. Women in our alcoholism treatment center find that the stress relieve and increased self-awareness that results from regular yoga sessions is beneficial. Besides increasing physical strength, something drug addicts often have little of when they enter drug rehab, yoga has been credited with lowering pain levels and promoting emotional healing. Women going through opiate detox understand the need for pain relief, as well as overall health benefits.

Sand Play

Experiential therapy for addiction at Coastline includes sand play. Sand play is a very unique psychotherapy, and is considered to be a powerful therapeutic activity. Women in our alcohol treatment program are invited to join our sand play sessions which give therapists and clients a time for talk therapy. Sand play has been show to have healing benefits for women as they work to create stories with sand and other small objects.

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