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Our Treatment Center in Huntington Beach, CA

Huntington Beach Rehab Center

Our Coastline Behavioral Health location in Huntington Beach, California facility delivers total end to end treatment and successful results because of our proven process. Our Huntington Beach rehab center was designed to serve the community locally and has become a force for addiction recovery in Southern California. We know that addiction affects the body, the mind, and even a person’s spirit. So, after a safe medical detox, our team offers a wide range of services for treatment and relapse prevention. Our clients then begin to receive a wide variety recovery treatments including attending 12 step programs, one on one counseling, and group sessions that focus on relapse prevention.

At Coastline Behavioral Health in Huntington Beach, California we are the high-quality alcohol and addiction treatment rehab experiential program in southern California. Our first concern for our clients is to ensure that each individual client receives the finest quality treatment that they deserve and need for their alcohol and drug addiction treatment in Huntington Beach. Coastline Behavior Health is a full-service addiction recovery treatment center and we focus on what it takes to have our clients achieve successful sobriety. Our caring and knowledgeable staff of professional physicians and clinicians in Huntington Beach will be supervising clients closely through all phases of drug or alcohol treatment.

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We make sure our clients are comfortable. Call Coastline Behavior Health today to find out how we can help you or your loved one break free from the bonds of addiction to heroin, meth, or alcohol. At this very crucial time of life, there is no need to suffer. All of our Staff -doctors and clinicians ensure our patients can rest comfortably while they get clean. We understand that one of the greatest inhibitors of change can be fear. Fear of the unknown and fear of pain can keep individuals needing help, and their families, from seeking the treatment they need for their substance abuse. Our Huntington Beach rehab specializes in breaking down fear and helping families take the necessary steps to help their loved ones during the journey of recovery.

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Activities are encouraged as positive coping mechanisms include practices that use cognitive self-control and are healing and restoring to the recovering addict. Using these practices in place of substance abuse while in recovery reteaches the mind of the recovering addict what to depend on in times of stress of temptation. Mechanisms encouraging positive coping include hiking, biking, seaside group therapy, meditative yoga, kayaking, and a number of other uplifting, restoring activates that will take the place of substance abuse when under stress, pressure, or emotional distress. Replacing substance abuse tendencies with these meditative activities will reinforce relapse prevention in the long run.

Huntington Beach is a city in Southern California that offers rehab clients access to a multitude of opportunities to be in nature. Whether it be our beautiful Southern California coastline with miles of beaches stretching as far as the eye can see or the mountains that surround Orange County, we provide exceptional outings for our rehab clients. Should you or a loved one need drug rehab in Huntington Beach, Coastline Behavioral Health counselors are here to assist you in answering any questions you might have.

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